For over 14 years now, we have translated for the automotive, industrial and medical sectors. With fair prices and reliable work, ProTrad has become a benchmark for quality and promptness and is poised to remain a trusted partner and active participant to the success of numerous leading companies across the world. We have an unfailing commitment to linguistic accuracy that is never compromised.


Good language skills are the prerequisite for good translations but there's much more to it than that. This is why every project is supervised by a QA manager responsible for the semantic fidelity and accuracy of the translations performed by native translators.
We employ the best people and the most efficient licensed software in the world: SDL Trados Studio, Memo Q, Star Transit and Across. What do they all have in common? Improved quality with less money. Because it has to be flawless and cost effective at the same time!
The DTP services also available spare you of any hassle. Especially when time is not on your side. The end-documents are as they should be.
We discuss and decide together on the best way your translated projects is returned to you safely. You get to choose between a secured data transfer or a dedicated courier.







14 years ago, Alexandru Bălan laid the foundations of ProTRAD. Being an experienced German-Romanian technical translator himself, passionate about communication and multiculturalism, he soon sees the opportunity to actively take part in the globalization process and sets his resources and dedication on this road.

After 10 years spent abroad and hundreds of business connections with visionary people, Alexandru understands that a rising global business needs a solid basis. Business communication involves some technical aspects that may become an obstacle if not managed correctly. ProTRAD is now an essential link between different cultures and businesses, with clearly defined projects, only in our strongest areas of expertise.


The easiest projects require as much special care and attention as the most challenging ones. Technical translations that seem impossible to figure out always find a way to be understood.

Why? Because behind every paragraph solved there are translators and proofreaders who are native speakers of the source language. This is how we get PRO results..

We always select the best translators from the countries of interest for our clients, and we get up to speed with the latest trends in linguistics. That means all of us.



Alexandru Bălan
CEO – ProTrad & Consulting SRL

We translate precisely for them

The selection is subjective, but real. As any selection is.
Top companies or companies on their way to the top right now have entrusted us with their complex and challenging projects.
We like the fact that they rely confidently on us. They like it, too!


Ionela Atanasiu

Chief Financial Officer – Renault Trucks Romania

We will choose unhesitatingly to use ProTrad’ translation services across our future translation projects. Collaboration with them was crucial for managing clear and precise communication with Renault Trucks on complex technical specifications and requirements. They had a great contribution also on translating and implementing new information systems within the Romanian RT distribution network. Protrad staff proved to be immediately responsive to our demands, no issue remained unsolved. We wish them continued success.


Martin Schladt

Geschäftsleitung – TechTrans GmbH

Wir arbeiten nun schon seit mehr als 12 Jahren mit Firma ProTrad zusammen und sind nach wie vor sehr zufrieden. Das Team ProTrad ist gewissenhaft und zuverlässig. Wir empfehlen dessen Leistungen gerne weiter.


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We could say, without being wrong, that most times we work from breakfast to long after dinner.

A technical translation is the work of a complex multidisciplinary team committed to each and every project.

From the source language text to the nicely paginated translation, we do everything as it should be.

Our superspecialized expertise in the automotive, medical, and technical /industrial sectors means that our translation revision rate is under 1%. And we are being honest. We could say ZERO!


This is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Cars are manufactured all around the world and information flows continuously across continents and cultures. Engineers, mechanics, managers or end customers must speak the same language. It is impossible. Simply impossible!

ProTRAD understands exactly how important it is that these people could work safely, using documents that have been accurately and timely translated.

Also, the understanding of the source text is essential for the final document to convey precisely the intended communication.

Research, development, manufacturing, usage and maintenance in the automotive sector is carried out in different locations around the world. Businesses are relocating and growing at a pace that no longer surprises anyone today.

Mechanics and operators need to understand exactly what it is all about, whether they are in Romania, Germany or any other country.

ProTRAD works with manufacturers of vehicles, paving machinery, levelling machinery, compacting machinery, agricultural machinery, cranes, etc.


Professional technical translations are required in any field involving machines, tools and machinery. This is because any export company never stops communicating. With dealers, with end customers, with any person of interest.

The ProTRAD team includes engineers specialized in various technical fields, and even people directly involved in production (it may seem strange, but it is essential that we consult with the people who actually operate certain machines).

This is because any export company never stops communicating. With dealers, with end customers, with any person of interest.  The ProTRAD team includes engineers specialized in various technical fields, and even people directly involved in production (it may seem strange, but it is essential that we consult with the people who actually operate certain machines)

The target text passes through the hands of people who are used to think in that field, so that the outcome is an impeccable translation delivered always on time.

We work with manufacturers of plastic, metal or magnesium extruders, vacuum ovens, pressure casting machines, wire twisting, crimping and cutting machines, industrial control devices, baking ovens, dough mixers, proofing ovens, dough forming machines, heat pumps, thermal systems, high pressure water jet machines, garden equipment, lawnmowers (whether electric, gas-powered or battery-powered), etc.


In this superspecialized and difficult field, we have successfully dealt with the greatest challenges.

The instructions for use or technical specifications of medical devices are in good hands: the translators and editors of ProTRAD have advanced linguistic knowledge, as well as professional certificates in biomedical engineering and medicine.

We work with manufacturers of respiratory protective devices, echo imaging and MRI devices, endoscopes and endoscopic video capsules, pulse oximeters for measuring oxygen saturation, intraocular lenses, infrared optical beam smoke detectors, etc..


Are you good with picking the right words at the right time?
Do you find it challenging translating the (almost) untranslatable?
Welcome to ProTRAD! You’ll start translating right away for industry leaders!

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We can meet in Bucharest or wherever necessary. We believe in virtual communication and we use it every day, but we are convinced that nothing can replace direct contact between business partners. We are open to all means of communication that inevitably lead to beautiful medium and long term partnerships.

Any project implies preliminary talks to establish essential details. Technical translations require a continuous communication between the ProTRAD team and the client. If you have any questions, we have the answers:

Get in touch with us:
By phone: +40 21 230 33 13

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